Friday, July 30, 2010

My first Blog

So... I read a few of my friends blogs and since I am leaving for deployment in January I thought this would be an easy way for my friends and family to know what is going on in my life!

I hope to stay on top of this blog and give my friends and family an idea of what type of training I am going through and what is going on in my mind and life prior to and throughout my first deployment! Hopefully it will not be dreadfully boring for anyone!

Here is what is going on in my life now....

My 30th birthday is coming up...I can't believe I am about to be the big 3-0... August 13 will be a fun 30th birthday party though...friends and family going to the Sugarland concert! On the 14th however... I leave for 3 more weeks of army training! I will have to be at my unit at 0600...definitely a little hungover...thank God it will only be a travel day and no strenuous activity required!

Went to Hilton Head Island, SC for vacation July 17 - 24!Hopped in the Tahoe for the 10 hour trip from Memphis to our vaca destination! I thought the drive was quite easy and didn't seem nearly 10 hours long... I was however asleep most of the time! Hilton Head was great and a relaxing vacation. I am used to going to the Gulf Coast...which I still prefer... but it was nice to go somewhere new and experience the East Coast beaches. I have never seen so many golf courses in one area! We all played (except Casie) The Oceanfront Course at Palmetto Dunes. On our last day we went out on a Catamaran which was a LOT of fun and would definitely recommend! 

Here are a few pics from the trip....
"Casie and I on the Flying Circus Catamaran"

Stay tuned for more of "It's My Life..."


  1. I'm so excited that you started a blog! I would love to see a post with some new pics of your dog.

  2. You look as beautiful as ever! So glad you started a blog so I can keep up with you. Can't believe you're going to be 30! I remember you as a 20 year old! LOL!!!

  3. I will definitely post some pics of the dogs!

    Thanks Lori! I can't believe I am about to be 30 either ( :